“It's bargaining. You're bargaining with the fates.”

Len and Claire sense they are in for some seriously bad karma when his offhand remark at a party inspires the break-up of long-married friends. But when an anonymous sniper appears on the scene, both couples are forced to reconsider the trade-offs they have made in life and love …

A Post-9/11 Dramedy

  • Semi-finalist, American Blues Theatre, Blue Ink Playwriting Award, 2015
  • Theatre J Locally Grown Festival, 2013
  • Finalist, Seven Devils Playwrights’ Conference, 2013

When what appears to be a robbery turns out to be the first in a series of random shootings, three friends find themselves at the mercy of an anonymous sniper whose motives are unclear but whose methods are diabolical. Their once “safe suburban neighborhood” is suddenly under siege and all the assumptions they brought to that suburban life have been shattered.

At a time when gun violence dominates the headlines, the question of imminent mortality is no longer academic for many of us. How do we reconcile American optimism with a gun culture that renders so many of us potential victims of a stranger with a grudge?

Run Time: 90 minutes


1 F, 2 M

Cast of Characters:

  • For two men, one woman.
  • Spooky Action Theatre, Washington, D.C., reading, 2016
  • Writers’ Theatre of New Jersey, reading, 2015
  • Theatre J, Washington, staged reading, 2013
  • New Jersey Rep, reading, 2013