Secret Lives of Toads

A comedy about fitting in and breaking free.

Poor Harvey faces his first day at a brand new school, where things look none too inviting. The cool kids have already staked out their territory on the playground, and there’s no room in their cliques for nerds or dweebs or other kids with weird attitudes—like that shy girl, Cissy, who never talks or that tough girl, Barrie, who plays with frogs. When Harvey befriends these luckless souls, he is suddenly thrust into the middle of a simmering feud between them and the snootiest girl in school. Meanwhile the frogs in the science lab have their own ideas about what it means to feel stuck.

  • Published by Dramatic Publishing

A one-act comedy suitable for elementary and middle school performers.

Run Time: 45 minutes


Cast of Characters:

  • For 5 males, 18 females (expandable to 38, 15 of either gender).

Originally produced by Imagination Stage as part of its Speak Out on Stage program. It has since received multiple productions in schools around the United States.