Washington Post: ‘Memoirs’ is ‘a suspenseful and carefully wrought what-if’
David McElwee in CATF’s ‘Memoirs of a Forgotten Man’ (photo by Seth Freeman)

The Washington Post counts ‘Memoirs of a Forgotten Man’ among the ‘terrific’ scripts featured at the Contemporary American Theatre Festival through July 29, noting that“’Memoirs’ resonates in a time when facts fall victim to partisan passions”:

“The plays at this year’s Contemporary American Theater Festival speak fervently about the power of memory. Whether it’s because of Proustian cookie consumption or because divisive times and extreme weather inspire soul-searching about the past, the six works currently on view at this town’s nationally known new-play showcase comment on memory’s ability to dominate and disrupt the present.

“The productions have other traits also worthy of note: Five of the six are world premieres. Several of the scripts are terrific. And, as is typical at this festival, the acting and production values are top-notch.”

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