D.W. Gregory’s Memoirs of a Forgotten Man Makes Broadway World’s Top Ten

Broadway World has named Washington Stage Guild’s  Memoirs of a Forgotten Man by D.W. Gregory one of the Top Ten best bets for theatre in Washington, D.C., this month.

The production opens May 5 at the Undercroft Theatre, 900 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.

A 2018 hit at the Contemporary American Theatre Festival, Memoirs of a Forgotten Man portrays the determination of a totalitarian regime to erase history, and the tragic effect that has on the family of a man who can forget nothing.  It is based on the true story of a Soviet journalist with a photographic memory. In the play he finds himself an unwitting enemy of the state as Stalin sets out to erase his political enemies from the history books.


“Though the subject matter is grim, the play isn’t,” says author D.W. Gregory. “It’s infused with an absurdist kind of comedy, expressed through the political naivete of the Memory Man, who takes great pride at setting the record straight, much to the annoyance of his brother and the delight of his mother. Of course that gets them all into trouble under a regime that is hell-bent on rewriting history.

“So it is a political play, but it is also a personal story about family, friendship, and loyalty.”

Design elements are provided by Joseph Musumeci with set design, Neil McFadden with sound, Marianne Meadows with lighting; and Resident Designer Sigrid Johanessdottir with costumes.

The production is directed by Kasi Campbell, Stage Guild veterans Steven Carpenter, Laura Giannarelli, and Chris Stinson, with Lynette Rathnam making her Stage Guild debut, round out the cast.  The production  features the work of set designer Joseph Muscemi, Neil McFadden with sound, Marianne Meadows with lighting, and Resident Designer Sigrid Johanessdottir with costumes.

Performances run from May 5 – 29. Pay-what-you-can previews are May 5, 6, and 7. For more information or to get tickets, go to the theatre website or call 202-900-8788.

Memoirs of a Forgotten Man was first produced as a National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere by Contemporary American Theater Festival (WV), New Jersey Repertory Company (NJ) and Shadowland Stages (NY). For more information, please visit nnpn.org.