Cell 17 (one-act)

They say that Cell 17 is haunted. But is it a ghost that lingers there, or the burning memories of injustice done to an Irish coal miner and his wife?

Five-Cent Girl (one-act)

“We live in dreams, don’t we?”

Her Place in the World (one-act)

Adam’s immortal, diabolical first wife Lilith makes her appearance again, wreaking havoc among his descendants, now atoning for their sins in Juniata County, Pennsylvania.

Host Church Triangle (one-act)

After months of flirtation with Jilly, Marko is ecstatic when she casually agrees to take a ride with him one balmy August night. Their destination: the old mill in the woods, beyond the Host Church, where Marko hopes love will blossom. But then they stumble upon an old man with a story to tell about the price of reckless love …

Some Kind of Holiday (one-act)

Years in captivity strain perceptions of time and metaphors for a long-married couple, but an unexpected delivery triggers a calendar–as well as an attitude–adjustment.

The Savage Sex (one-act)

“He is a man, Madame, and like all men…is only good for one thing—hailing a taxi.”

The Sudden Sixties (one-act)

When Hannah Winter loses her footing in a hotel lobby, the gentleman who helps her up turns out to be the boyfriend she left behind 40 years earlier. Now, after nearly a lifetime of self-sacrifice, Hannah is in the mood to rebel. The Sudden Sixties is adapted by permission of and special arrangement with the Edna Ferber Estate.

Three Rings, No Diamonds (one-act)

A relationship coach encounters her most difficult client, a real guy kind of guy — the kind of guy who is not shy about being a guy–meaning he’s desperately in need of her counsel, which he’ll probably ignore.