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Molumby's Million

Suitable for General Audiences.

Molumby's Million Boxer Jack Dempsey takes center stage in this fast-paced satirical look at America’s peculiar obsession with celebrity.

In 1923, Loy Molumby, a lawyer and oil speculator from a small town in Montana, shocks the sports world when he lures heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey to fight a title bout against a far lesser challenger, decorated war hero Tommy Gibbons. Molumby plans to put his home town on the map and draw an easy million at the gate. For Dempsey, considered by some to be a dirty fighter and widely disparaged as a draft-dodger, the match is a chance to restore his good name--the American Legion is backing the fight--and poses an opportunity to make an easy three hundred grand. But when back-stage machinations by a jealous boxing promoter undermine Molumby and his inexperienced fellow organizers, Dempsey finds himself at the center of a media frenzy that paints him the villain in a modern day morality play.

Awards & Acclaim

Nominated for Barrymore Award for Outstanding New Play, 2011, by Philadelphia Theatre Alliance.
Semi-finalist, Fulton Opera House Play Competition 2005
National New Play Network Development Grant 2004
Maryland State Arts Council Grant 2004
Finalist, Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference 2003
Finalist, New Harmony Project 2003

Production History

Originally produced by Iron Age Theatre Co., Philadelphia

Developed at the Playwrights Center, Minneapolis, New Jersey Repertory Co., Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey, and Theater of the First Amendment.

Production Specifications

6 M, 1 F doubling into 14 roles.