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“Radium Girls may speak to our collective capacity for denial. But it also celebrates our individual courage.”

- The Daily Record, Morristown, N.J.

“Memory is a treacherous force in “Memoirs of a Forgotten Man,” D.W. Gregory’s suspenseful and carefully wrought what-if.”

- The Washington Post

"The overall effect of Salvation Road is not unlike that of a cultish devotion: simultaneously satisfying and terrifying."

- Washington City Paper

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“The best new play in New Jersey professional theatre.”

- The Newark Star Ledger

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— The New York Times
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As A Dramatist
I write plays that examine American culture—our obsessions with image and privilege, our fundamental sexism, implicit racism, and propensity to violence, and ultimately, our collective optimism. In my work, tragedy and comedy exist side by side because they exist that way in life. The play is funny until it isn’t—and at that point, the larger questions are revealed.
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As A Teaching Artist
As the author of more than a dozen plays for young actors, I’ve been privileged to work as an artist in residence at a series of theatre programs and private and public schools around the country. I am available for short-term residencies, as well as one-day workshops and longer-term residencies.

Memoirs of a Forgotten Man by D.W. Gregory – D.C. Premiere

Start date: May 5, 2022

End date: May 29, 2022

Time: Various times

Location: Washington Stage Guild, 900 Massachusetts Avenue, Washington, D.C.

Memoirs of a Forgotten Man by D.W. Gregory will receive its Washington, D.C., premiere May 5 – 29 at The Washington Stage Guild.

Directed by Kasi Campbell, the production will feature Stage Guild veterans Steven Carpenter and Laura Giannarelli.

A 2018 hit at the Contemporary American Theatre Festival, Memoirs of a Forgotten Man portrays the determination of a totalitarian regime to erase history, and the tragic effect that has on a man who can forget nothing.  The play is based on the true story of a Soviet Journalist with a photographic memory, who finds himself and those around him in peril under as Stalin’s authoritarian regime sets out to erase its political enemies.

Performances will take place at the Washington Stage Guild’s Undercroft Theatre, 900 Massachusetts Avenue, Washington.

More information can be found at Tickets can be purchased at