A Thing of Beauty

“Every work of art is a political statement”


“It’s bargaining. You’re bargaining with the fates.”
Len and Claire sense they are in for some seriously bad karma when his offhand remark at a party inspires the break-up of long-married friends. But when an anonymous sniper appears on the scene, both couples are forced to reconsider the trade-offs they have made in life and love …

Dirty Pictures

“She tells me it’s over. I say okay, it’s over—and then somehow it just don’t stick.”

Her Place in the World (one-act)

Adam’s immortal, diabolical first wife Lilith makes her appearance again, wreaking havoc among his descendants, now atoning for their sins in Juniata County, Pennsylvania.

Miracle in Mudville

A comedy about time-traveling little leaguers.

Molumby’s Million

“What was I supposed to do, send him a telegram?” — Jack Dempsey, on the knock-out punch that floored Jack Sharkey, as he turned to complain about Dempsey’s tactics.

Penny Candy

“There’s gotta be somethin’ wrong with somebody who can’t make a decent strawberry jam.” A boy who plays go-between discovers the down side of deception in this romantic romp set in 1950s Appalachia.

Secret Lives of Toads

A comedy about fitting in and breaking free.

Some Kind of Holiday (one-act)

Years in captivity strain perceptions of time and metaphors for a long-married couple, but an unexpected delivery triggers a calendar–as well as an attitude–adjustment.

The Good Girl Is Gone

“Yeah Rome… they invented the alphabet. And sewers. Where would we be without sewers?”

The Savage Sex (one-act)

“He is a man, Madame, and like all men…is only good for one thing—hailing a taxi.”

The Sudden Sixties (one-act)

When Hannah Winter loses her footing in a hotel lobby, the gentleman who helps her up turns out to be the boyfriend she left behind 40 years earlier. Now, after nearly a lifetime of self-sacrifice, Hannah is in the mood to rebel. The Sudden Sixties is adapted by permission of and special arrangement with the Edna Ferber Estate.

The Yellow Stocking Play

D.W. Gregory, author of Radium Girls and Salvation Road. The music and lyrics are by writing team Steven M. Alper & Sarah Knapp, whose musical version of Mark Harelik’s The Immigrant received two Drama Desk award nominations when it was produced off-Broadway.

Three Rings, No Diamonds (one-act)

A relationship coach encounters her most difficult client, a real guy kind of guy — the kind of guy who is not shy about being a guy–meaning he’s desperately in need of her counsel, which he’ll probably ignore.

What Goes Around

The trickle-down theory of pushing people around. A ten-minute play about the way bullying behavior is passed down and passed along – and not restricted to the playground. Commissioned by Dramatic Publishing and included in its anthology, The Bully Plays.